Wednesday, 7 June 2006

ISO Image Tools

Not so long ago, I was swimming in discs. Software and OS discs each on CD, neatly filed away in multiple folders. I was beginning to rival an MSDN subscription in terms of volume when I had a sort out, binned anything that had been superceeded and consolidating the rest to DVD.

The latest updates and installers are taking the form of ISO files i.e. image files of installation media. These are the FREE tools I rate for dealing with ISO files.

Daemon Tools - Emulates an optical drive so you can use an image without burning to disc.

UPDATE May 2010
Virtual Clonedrive is better and doesn't prompt you to install lots of add-ins / extras.

DoISO - Create ISO files from a given directory.

ImgBurn - Burns ISOs to disc and extracts images from discs. Especially good with 'difficult' discs. Used to be known as DVD Decrypter.

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