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Reports In Management Studio 2005

Reports In Management Studio 2005

No support for SQL 2000 instances
No support for databases prior to Compatibility Mode 90 (Restores of SQL 2000 databases on SQL 2005)

Report Types
Standard Reports - Inbuilt, see screenshots below.
Custom Reports (SP2 onwards) - Run a .RDL file (Reporting Services Report) within the context of the current server in Management St

Accessing Reports
Right click a node in Object Explorer to get Reports Menu
Standard Reports, Custom Reports and shortcuts to the most recently accessed reports are the options.

The list of available Reports is context sensitive e.g 'Service Broker Statistics' only appears when selecting reports from the 'Service Broker' node.

Standard Reports

17 Database Reports >

Navigating to Reports : (Databases > [database name] > )

Disk Usage :

Disk Usage by Top Tables :

Disk Usage by Table :

Disk Usage by Partition :

Backup and Restore Events :

All Transactions :

Top Transactions by Age :

All Blocking Transactions :

Top Transactions by Age :

Top Transactions by Blocked Transactions Count :

Top Transactions by Locks Count :

Resource Locking Statistics by Objects :

Object Execute Statistics :

Database Consistency history :

Index Usage Statistics :

Index Physical Statistics :

Schema Change history :

User Statistics :

Databases > [database name] > Service Broker Node >

Service Broker Statistics :

Server Reports >

Security > Logins >

Login Statistics :

Login Failures :

Resource Locking Statistics by login :

Management >

Tasks :

Number of Errors :

Notification Services >

General :

SQL Server Agent >

Job Steps Execution History :

Top Jobs :

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