Saturday, 24 March 2007

Remote Shutdown / Restart

Ran into a server that wouldnt restart today.
Sent a ping -t servername and it just kept responding, showing it had no intention of shutting down, let alone starting up again.

A colleague showed me how to remotely force the restart via the shutdown command.
I've seen these utilities on older OSs before, but have never had the cause to use them myself as i'd always phoned a sysadmin to do so!

The shutdown utility >

Usage: shutdown [-i | -l | -s | -r | -a] [-f] [-m \\computername] [-t xx] [-c "comment"] [-d up:xx:yy]

No args Display this message (same as -?)
-i Display GUI interface, must be the first option
-l Log off (cannot be used with -m option)
-s Shutdown the computer
-r Shutdown and restart the computer
-a Abort a system shutdown
-m \\computername - Remote computer to shutdown/restart/abort
-t xx Set timeout for shutdown to xx seconds
-c "comment" Shutdown comment (maximum of 127 characters)
-f Forces running applications to close without warning
-d [u][p]:xx:yy The reason code for the shutdown
u is the user code
p is a planned shutdown code
xx is the major reason code (positive integer less than 256)
yy is the minor reason code (positive integer less than 65536)

We needed the -f option to force the restart, -r (restart NOT shutdown - kind of crucial to prevent embarassment) and -m as it was a remote box (if it was next to me i would have unplugged it right? ;) )

shutdown -r -m \\servername -f
shutdown -i gives you an interface which you may find more friendly than the command line >

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