Monday, 6 April 2009

Debugging data throughput!

Debugging data throughput.

After frustratingly watching the slow progress of moving some large .VHD files around. i needed to go back to basics and prove how good (or bad) the data transfer was.

The maths :
Taking my 1Gbit network card (1024Mbit/sec)

Divide by 8 for MB/sec (megaByte/sec) 1024 / 8 = 128MB/Sec.

128 MB/sec is therefore the theoretical maximum throughput of a Gigabit network card.

In the OS however, the copy speeds I am seeing are 60MB/sec.

This is down to >

Disks : The capabilities of the I/O subsystems being read from and written to.
Network : Other Network Traffic e.g. Broadcast traffic
Network : The overhead caused by packet size (i.e. breaking data into small packets - look at using Jumbo packets to improve)

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