Sunday, 21 March 2010

Exploring Bookmark/Key Lookups

A Bookmark Lookup is a Key Lookup i.e. lookup of other columns by using the key in the join.

SQL Server's execution plan has changed the representation of these operations over the years...

SQL 2000 : Bookmark Lookup
SQL 2005 : Nested Loop Join + Clustered Index Seek (confusing)
SQL 2005 SP2+ :
Key Lookup (Clustered) - When table has a clustered index
RID Lookup - when table has NO clustered index

Key lookups
Definition according to MSDN >
"Introduced in SQL Server 2005 Service Pack 2, the Key Lookup operator is a bookmark lookup on a table with a clustered index "

And according to SQL MVP Gail Shaw

" the one that fetches extra columns from the clustered index when the nonclustered index that’s used to retrieve the rows doesn’t have all of the columns required. "

Gail explains them well here...

Pinal Dave tells us how to get round them...

One method is to add 'Included columns'

Pinal Dave lists the advantages of included columns as >

" 1) Index can exceed the 900-byte limitation of the index key.

2) Index can include datatypes that are not allowed as key columns – varchar(max), nvarchar(max) or XML.

3) Size of the key index can be reduced, which improves the overall performance of the index operation. "

Links >
SSC : Covering Index using Included Columns
SQL Solace : Index Sizes using Included Columns

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