Friday, 11 June 2010

Windows Update Settings via Group Policy

Here I show how to use Group Policy to set Windows Update settings.
This is using Windows 2008 Active Directory.

1) Create a security group for the to place computers to be updated -

2) I've chosen to create a GPO for the settings -

3) Navigate to -
Computer Configuration > Policies > Administrative Templates > Windows Components > Windows Updates

Configure the settings as follows -

4) Configure Automatic Updates -
I've chosen to download and install every day at 20:00.

NB : If the download source is Windows Update then this would be a daft setting as it is uncontrollable.
I'm using an internal WSUS server to control updates so this setting will only apply updates at 20:00 on the day they have been authorized for the computer.

5) Specify intranet Microsoft update service location -
The address of the WSUS instance.

6) Automatic Updates detection frequency -
Fairly self explanatory, how often to check update source.

7) Allow Automatic Updates immediate installation -
Again, self explanatory - install straight after updates?

8) Enable client-side targeting -
Specify the group created in step 1.

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