Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Goals for 2011

A new role

From attending SQLBits, user group meetups and generally fraternising with the SQL community I’ve realised that job titles are used very interchangeably. Responsibilities vary wildly within DBA and DB development roles and not just in smaller companies. Some DBAs develop, some developers administer servers. Where ‘Analyst’ , ‘Consultant’ or ‘Business Intelligence’ appears in a title it may (or may not) hide a plethora of database skills.

Personally (regardless of job title) I want to build on what I’ve achieved and continue to home my skills this year. The knowledge gained from administration makes put me watch server resources and question my development efforts (which I think is good). Adrian Hills (@adathedev)  blogged on exactly this topic last year – The rise of the DevBa.

I’m especially keen to develop larger SSIS solutions following last year’s projects. In an ideal world there would be a chance to build Analysis Services Cubes too.


Whilst I continue to put any script I could ever need again up here, I need to write more as articles. I’d like to think I will post less frequently but with better quality posts, i.e. written explanations. We shall see if i can achieve this...

Publish some more scripts
I love getting the feedback when other’s find them useful and equally love learning new things when others improve them.

Publish more articles
I found this a lot harder than I thought hence I’m not going to commit to a number. I’d like to write something that others find useful.

Continue attending SQL Server events
Meeting like minded people when you work isolated for small companies is essential for your sanity.


Get some exposure to an Analysis Services (SSAS) project following last year's Business Intelligence studying and certification.

Further my development skills by looking further at the .NET framework languages (Have done a splattering of VB.NET in CLR)

Read more! Tackle my book backlog as I have a small library of unread books, printed articles etc.

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