Monday, 19 March 2012

Video Notes : How to succeed in database development without really trying

How to succeed in database development without really trying is another video put together by Jeremiah Peschka. Here are my notes -

Database Developer -
‘A database developer recognizes that the database is more than an implementation detail’
Thinking about Data
  • Sets not rows – Perform operations on sets, not row by row
  • Think Like you dress : in layers  - use views, procedures functions to separate logic & functionality from data
  • Normalize – Use a balance –' Normalise till it hurts, denoramalise till it works'


Decide if you want to be a Generalist or a Specialist?
Some people specialise in a Language, Tool, Feature

Database Specialiszations
  • Performance Tuning – Read execution plans, what is going on under covers, turn into actionable results . I/O , memory, indexing etc
  • Reporting – Reporting queries different for volumes
  • Object Relational Modelling – Optimizing frameworks, ORM Tools - Nhibernate etc
  • Modeling – Planning

Core Skills
  • Be able to spot patterns – e.g. row rather than set based processing
  • Be lazy – make sure your sql is updating least number of rows possible, db doing least work possible. Use referential integrity, foreign keys, use constraints for data integrity, calculated columns  Make sure business logic is in ORM.
  • Think about the long term – Data choices for storage/
  • Understand normalization – Join decisions
  • ETL Basics – Transferring & Processing data
  • Architecture – Application & Data access patterns
Hints - How do you get there?

  • Practice
  • Consult DBAs!
  • Reading

Recommended Books

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