Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Hyper-V : Installation on Windows 2008

Keen to try Microsoft's new virtual server offering, Hyper-V is the first port of call on my new server. A small hiccup occurred after adding the Hyper-V role to windows 2008.

The 'Virtual Machine Management' service (aka Hyper V) failed to start and manually attempting to start it, I was greeted with 'Error 87 : The parameter is incorrect'.

Fortunately it is an easy one to get round and is fixed by changing language settings to 'English (United States)'. Go to 'Regional and Language Options' (control panel). On the 'Formats' tab select 'English (United States)' and click apply. Then go to the 'Administrative' tab (new to 2008)and use the 'Change system locale' and 'Copy to reserved accounts' buttons here to ensure the setting is applied to all profiles. I restarted the server to let it take effect and all is fine.

Given Hyper-V is still in a 'pre-release' state, i suppose I can't complain.


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