Saturday, 26 April 2008

Hyper-V : USB Support

If (like me) your use of Hyper-V is for multiple environments on a development box (i.e. not production) you can RDP to your virtual machines to get round the (current) non support for external USB devices on the host.

To do so, edit the properties of your .RDP connection file.

Go to the 'Local Resources' tab.

In 'Local devices & resources' box, click 'more'.

The pop-up that then appears will allow you to select which drives/resources you want to be able to connect to remotely.

Yes, using RDP is not ideal as it takes up more resources, but if you're hardware is fast enough. you really won't notice a difference.

Update: Hyper-V via RDP also helps reach display resolutions not yet supported by Hyper-V.

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