Sunday, 23 August 2009

Enabling VT (Virtualisation Technology) for Hyper-V hosts

If you forget to enable VT in the BIOS and try to install Hyper-V, this is what you get...

" Hyper-V cannot be installed

Server Manager has detected that the processor on this computer is not capable with Hyper-V. To install this role the processor must have a supported version of hardware assisted virtualization, and that feature must be turned on in the BIOS. "

The message is pretty self explanatory and I had indeed turned it on in the BIOS. What it doesnt tell you is that you need to cold boot after making BIOS changes i.e. physically turn off the server, wait a while and start the server back up!
Whlst in the BIOS, make sure 'Execute Disable' is 'Enabled' (confusing I felt).

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