Monday, 24 August 2009

Task Scheduler Task does not run - Error 2147943785

Googling this, all i could come across was >
Local policies -> user rights assignment & add the user
running the task to the "log on as a batch job" Policy.

Seeing i'm running a domain I needed to adjust my domain account via Group Policy >

Created account Domain\TaskScheduler (with usual random 25 character, punctuation etc 25 password)

I added the account to the 'Log in as a batch job' policy , ran gpupdate on my machines but it wasnt enough.

I solved the issue by placing the account in my service accounts group Domain\Service Accounts

The group has the following rights

Allow log on locally
Act as part of the operating system
Adjust memory quotas for aprocess
Bypass traverse checking
Lock Pages in memory
Log in as a batch job
Log in as a service
Perform volume maintenance tasks
Replace a process level token

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