Thursday, 22 July 2010

Bookmark : SQL Server DMV Starter Pack E-Book Published

The SQL Server DMV Starter Pack is a download comprising of an E-Book & Scripts for 28 DMV based queries. It has been put together by Glenn Berry, Louis Davidson and Tim Ford and is available as another freebie from Redgate

The 28 queries it provides, are -

Connections, Sessions, Requests, Queries

1: Are you Connected?
2: Session Ownership
3: Current expensive, or blocked, requests
4: Query Stats – Find the "top X" most expensive cached queries
5: How many single-use ad-hoc Plans?
6: Ad-hoc queries and the plan cache
7: Investigate expensive cached stored procedures
8: Find Queries that are waiting, or have waited, for a Memory Grant


9: Monitor long-running transactions
10: Identify locking and blocking issues

Databases and Indexes

11: Find Missing Indexes
12: Interrogate Index Usage
13: Table Storage Stats (Pages and Row Counts)
14: Monitor TempDB

Disk I/O

15: Investigate Disk Bottlenecks via I/O Stalls
16: Investigate Disk Bottlenecks via Pending I/O

Operating System

17: Why are we Waiting?
18: Expose Performance Counters
19: Basic CPU Configuration
20: CPU Utilization History
21: Monitor Schedule activity
22: System-wide Memory Usage
23: Detect Memory Pressure
24: Investigate Memory Usage Across all Caches
25: Investigate memory use in the Buffer Pool

Other Useful DMVs

26: Rooting out Unruly CLR Tasks
27: Full Text Search
28: Page Repair attempts in Database Mirroring

Redgate : Download SQL Server DMV Starter Pack

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