Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Windows 2008 : Hyper-V - Disappearing Client for Microsoft Networks

Two years ago, i posted about a networking eccentricity with Hyper-V where the 'Client for Microsoft Networks' would disappear from the clients.....

On inspecting the Local Area Connection Properties, ‘Client for Microsoft Networks’ is unticked.  Simply clicking the tickbox appears to work fine, but when you click OK , the following appears-
" Your current selection will also disable the following features: Client for Microsoft Networks "
" Are you sure you want to disable these feature(s)? "

An easier way to resolve this is as follows >

1) Go to Network Connections -

2) Press ALT to display the menu bar and select 'Advanced Settings' from the revealed 'Advanced' menu.

3) Select the virtual NIC (Local Area Conection 4 in my screenshot). Tick the Client for Microsoft Networks check box and the 2 boxes under it for IPv4 and IPv6.

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