Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Time Wasters - Groupon

As part of evaluating the time I spend online, I'm looking at some of the services I've joined. First up is Groupon...

Groupon is an email discount service that offers you the opportunity to buy 'daily deals'.
I suspect it's current lack of relevance to me comes down to Targeting.

It's Geographic targeting in the UK is poor. I am based in the county of Surrey which is a big place. Consequently, the deals I receive are not local. The majority infact are for London. the cost of travelling therefore outweighs money saved with a 'deal'

Relevance of the deals is poor. If Groupon allowed me to state my age, and sex then maybe I wouldn't receive offers for Facials , Pampering days and Bikini Line laser treatment!
(Thinking about it, maybe beauty treatment is not so badly targeted after all!)

To quote Matt Bagwell’s blog

I’m returning to work. But I have shut down my Groupon account. That’s 730 less emails a year and I don’t need that much teeth whitening or meal discounts.

To give you an idea –

 Sorry Groupon, I'm sure you'll get there. Right now, my only option is to unsubscribe...

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