Monday, 21 March 2011

Running Windows 2000 on Hyper-V

I recently tried to install a Windows 2000 VM for old times sake (well, for testing actually...).

If you attempt this, here's what to adhere to -
  1. Only configure 1 virtual processor
  2. Install SP4 (I had to use DoIso to get a downloaded SP4 inside to the VM)
  3. Install HyperV Integration services to the client VM 
  4. Enable networking in the VM (assign ip, subnet, gateway & dns)
  5. Run Windows Update (to get everything post SP4).
I had all kinds of fun before I settled on this order. An unpatched Windows 2000 installation comes with Internet Explorer 5. IE5 prevents connection to Windows Update and it's javascript handling prevents the download page for Service Pack 4 from functioning!

Mounting the host drive also proved problematic before SP4 was applied, with the Windows 2000 guest causing the host server to die with a BSOD.

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