Thursday, 7 May 2009

SQL 2008 : Policy Based Management - Building and Testing a Policy

Step by step guide to build and test a policy in SQL 2008's Policy Based Management (PBM) >

1) Locate 'Policy Management' in object explorer >

2) Right click 'Conditions' and select 'New Condition' >

3) Fill in the wizard!

Enter a name, select a Facet from the dropdown and enter expressions to be met for the condition to be met. The conditions available in the expressions box change depending on the Facet chosen >

4) Enter something useful in the description so any fellow administrators know what you've done! >

5) Create a policy to accompany (and audit/enforce) the condition >

6) Complete the New Policy wizard by
i. providing a policy name
ii. linking the policy to the condition you just defined
iii. specify the targets of the policy
iv. set the evaluation mode >

7) Again, something helpful in the description is nice >

8) Test the policy using 'Evaluate' >

9) The server has passed the policy :) >

10) Clicking 'view' under the details column reveals the specifics about the tests performed >

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